Here I am in my 1st website !!!

Hi everyone, most of you has already know me from my facebook page (even pinterest) called RebbyCraft.

I finally given this website  a go in spite of I don’t know now how to make it better, I try to improve it steps by steps.

Anyways, let me introduce myself :

My name is Rebecca, I am 21 years old, I am from France (don’t worry I am fluent in english) and for years I love to make several kind of manuals and graphics creations, here is the list of what I currently make for the time being:

Graphics : Illustration, comics, drawing, logo, photomontage and stuff in order to be printed such as the flyers.

I use mostly Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, also my graphic tablet if need be.

Manuals : ooak dolls, fake flowers bouquets, rings in jeans, bracelets in pixel art, things whose haven’t any specific list (often the case if they are from my childhood), sewing and different kind recycled things like for example the jewels make with soda cans tabs.

See you soon.



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