Midori Kimura

Her preceding life: Aiko Senoo from the 2nd season of Magical Doremi, I received her in barter.

What I like in her personnality : she is vegan (me too) & even an activist, in spite of her appearance elegant/bourgeois she is totally sassy, she is more or less blend of almost all the girls in the group difficult to explain for now, the small tooth typical feline fashion some personal manga / anime one sees when she opens her mouth, she has succeeded to organize her life  between the shop, school and her association.
What I don’t like in her personnality : she thinks that she is always right in the sense than everyone, has to do something under the pretext that it is already good and just for that I have found too extreme, for example she has already arguing with doremi just because that one has already eat a steak before it.


I toke of the paint of the top of her head, earrings and eyes.

I painted with the acrylic the white of her eyes, the top of her head before the reroot and the earings.

I put a decal on her eyes, give her some red shoes and sew all of her clothes.

I hope to one day make her witch costume too.

year : 2015

I don’t sell her.

Extra pictures of Midori :
Heberger image Heberger image Heberger image

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