Top weaved with cans tabs and ribons

Top of the evening/club weaved with cans tabs (I everytime wash and file them), pink and white ribons, a little bit of acrylic paint with some varnish of yves saint laurent and a little bit of sewing for reinforce certain parts.

I used  a tutorial for know how to make it (it was very hard for me to find it, better late than never, I am maybe among the 1st person in France who has make this kind of thing.

There is a big pink ribbon behind, I hope to improve my knowledge of using wordpress for show more pictures of it and my others creations.

It has take a lot of time for me for make it and wait for have enough cans tabs for end it, without all  the break (and pain) I had, I guess take it has take between 3 days and one week for make it .

the european size is 40, I think that it might suit also for a 38 and maybe 42.

Year : 2016

FOR SALE ? yes : 150€

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