Enav Garcias

A Barbie doll that I tried to make as human as possible, she was in her preceding life a beach girl of 2009 having a similar swimsuit like as you can see in this link : http://tpe-lapoupeebarbie-105.e-monsite.com/medias/images/barbie-2009-1959-comparaison-2.jpg .

I sewed all of her clothes (inspired by one of my outfit) excepted the shoes.

I rerooted her hair, they were so thicky that I had to cut some more part taking the risk to made an 70° hairstyle, I expected from the beginning to made her a ponytail (it is the reason why I was too demanding for the color of her hair). She have some pubian hair.

I painted her mouth an the blanc of her eyes, I put some decals on her eyes, eyebrows and tits and then I varnished all of that.

Year : 2015

She cost 85€.

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