Saba Safra & Rosie Barrett

They were in their preceding life both what’s her face dolls received both naked with one pair of shoes in barter separately. Do you remember them ? For now they have actually one face each and even tits, thanks to the the decal, acrylic paint and varnish.

I sewed all of their cloths excepted Saba’s shoes.

As I infortunately didn’t find any extra pair of shoes for Rosie I had to look for an quite easy tutorial for make her black shoes, I am glad of the result.

Another fact about her : she has a decal tatoo in her left leg because I wanted to hide her felts spots there, she is an American albinos from Pennsylvania.

Some fact about Saba : She is Ethiopian, Brazilian and Jewish, her name is from an Ethiopian queen.

I have create the wigs according to this toturial using the rest of capillary extension that I used for repare some doll who have lost their preceding hair, here is the result :

Heberger image Heberger image

The time I had for make them was thourougly different because Saba’s wig is from the rest of hair’s extension and Rosie the rest of a wig. at the opposite of Rosie’s wig, Saba’s wig was quicker but harder to sew also because I had to hide some of the character flaw that her wig have with some fabric and beads.

Year : 2015

I prefer to keep them for this moment.

Extra pictures of Saba :
Heberger image


Extra pictures of Rosie :
Heberger image Heberger image


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