Packaging and logo for a bottle of matcha tea

Heberger image  Heberger image
Heberger image Heberger image

I made it for an facebook’s event that happend yesterday with the Vegan Family Lille in the DYE café of our town. The goal was to bring something that we cater ourself, this time it was an asian thematic, in order to let other people taste it and for the non-vegan to discover vegan food, I brought some beans curd in teriyaki sauce and for the end this icy matcha tea.

This packaging was made in order to ornate this bottle for fit it to the event, show my graphic skill, promote my facebook page and this website.

I used cristaline’s bottle and I have been inspired by it packaging for make the other for the matcha tea.

I used google translate for the kanjis (I know how to read kanas) and the description in spanish, german and japanese.

I specifie that I speak both french and english, some basics skills in hebrew and that I hardly start to learn japanese, it is an such challenge I am aware of it.

the others logo (excepted RC & Matcha Family) and the barre code were found on google image.

The pictures on the left is a layout that I made last year about my handmade matcha ice cream, everything is vegan too.

Year : 2016

I used indesign for the layout and illustrator for the logo.



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