My costumes for the halloween contest of Magical Fami

3 months go I participate in a halloween contest organized by Alexandre JDO, a guy who is creating for years a fanfiction called “Magical Fami”, for those who knows “Magical Doremi”, it is the sequel of this story.

About his contest , even tough the deadline was wrong :

In Chapter 17, I’ll need several Halloween costumes for the characters of Magical Fami (Fami, Malina, Agana, Mitrie, Pululu, Hani and their classmates).
For this contest, I suggest you draw me various costumes for the characters you want.
The “winners” will see their costumes in this famous chapter 17. And the others at the end of the chapter in a BONUS section.

* The deadline for play is August 1.
* To participate, you must draw a picture! And not a photo you found on google 😉
* Fami will have a costume “bat”!
* I reserve the right to alter or make other costumes if those who proposed to me not suit me ;p

All of my costumes are there :

I hope to participate in another contest of this kind in the future.

Some facts about my suits :

  • It was quite weird for me to draw Renée having 10 years old instead of 13, according to me her cowgirl’s costume isn’t supposed to be wear by a little girl. I created this suit in 2008 : Heberger image
  • I first draw 2 different kind of body. I scanned, copy then print them, I redraw all of the charecter with an HB pencil and finally colorized them with crayons.
  • I drew the prehistoric girl in 2011 for an homework of spanish :
    Heberger image.
  • Estele, Rei, Malina, Agana and Flori’s costume were made in 2007 for Renée and 2008 for her friends Heberger image Heberger image Heberger image Heberger image.
  • I realized when I drew these suits that I create usually too much teens and adults characters.

His website :

don’t hesitate to read his comics, especially if you like the anime Magical Doremi


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